10 Best Farrow & Ball Paint Colors For Any Home

I’ve been a BIG fan of this European owned company for quite some time.

Personally, I think they offer the most interesting selection of colors out there. Their selection is not only interesting, it’s limited and carefully curated. I really don’t care for dealing with a massive fan deck and find that too many options leads to difficult decision making. They provide their customers with just enough to really give us a chance to get to know and fall in love with their colors.

Plus, they have the BEST names ever. And let’s be honest - that’s half the fun!

I was recently hired to update interior paint for a 4,900 sf house. The home was probably built in the early 2000’s and it was a vision of beige! It’s a really beautiful, well-built home but it just felt dated. One of the easiest ways to correct this was through the use of . . . paint! Naturally, I painted the entire home in Farrow and Ball (minus the dining room which I originally selected a F&B color but had to switch last minute). To me, Farrow and Ball adds an instant level of class and old school sophistication. Their colors are super versatile and compliment any home, in any era.

Here are my top 10 picks for Best Farrow & Ball colors for any home:

  1. Wimborne White 239

Hearth + Home Interiors - Hinton Living Room

Hearth + Home Interiors - Hinton Living Room

This is, hands down, one of my favorite whites to use. I love it so much, I painted my living room walls this color! It’s a really fresh, contemporary white that works well in historic spaces as well. It’s honestly the perfect shade without any hidden undertones or appearing “hospital white”.


2. Pink Ground 202

Pink Ground Farrow and Ball

This is a seriously gorgeous shade that non-pink lovers will appreciate! It’s very soft and dusty, but really packs a punch. I once painted bathroom cabinets this shade to work with an old laminate faux granite countertop and they were divine! This color really has all the retro vibes without being dated.


3. Down Pipe 26

Down Pipe Farrow and Ball

A versatile black. Never harsh and very adaptable. This is a favorite of mine to paint millwork with. It would be a dream if, one day, a client woud let me paint an entire room head to toe this color. I do love a little drama!


4. Teresa’s Green 236

Teresa's Green Farrow and Ball

This is a very soft and gentle color with a lot of zip. It looks especially cheery in a room full of natural sunlight. With slight aqua undertones, this looks really nice grounded with grays and accented with whites & natural materials such as wood.


5. De Nimes 299

De Nimes Farrow and Ball

currently, one of my favorite new shades of blue. It’s super rich but not inky or too bold. It’s a very pleasing color for a dining room or den/office. One of the other pluses is that it will work great with most wood tones.


6. Arsenic 214

Arsenic Farrow and Ball

The most delicious, fabulous color. ever. For the bold - paint an 3/4 of the wall this color and top off the wall, crown molding and ceiling in a lighter shade (not white). This is also gorgeous on trim work. A very retro color that will be bring instant f-u-n where ever it’s slapped on.


7. Shaded White 201

Move over beige (thank the Lord) there is a new neutral in town! Farrow and Ball released some new colors recently and Shaded White is a part of their neutral series I’m obsessed with! This is really striking and an instant classic. It looks excellent in any room type and pairs really well with Drop Cloth, and Shadow White.


8. Pigeon 25

Pigeon Farrow and Ball

A lovely blue grey that is so easy to use in any space/home style. It looks exceptional paired with brass accents and natural linens. This would be an ideal color for painted kitchen cabinets!


9. Mole’s Breath 276

Moles Breath Farrow and Ball

This is for all the moody folks out there . . . Here is a color with tons of personality that serves as an excellent back drop for a den/office or movie room. If you have a lot of natural light - try using it on the walls! It looks beautiful paired with a stark white trim. I see this working especially well in a victorian or craftsman style home.


10. Incarnadine 248

Incarnadine Farrow and Ball

This is a very shocking and eccentric red. I realize it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea . . . but it’s worth taking the risk. This is a fantastic color to paint a door or make over a piece of old furniture in. It looks super beautiful paired with grays and blues. Careful, red is a passionate color!